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What should I tell families still looking for a school placement?

Whether or not your organization includes an educational consultant, you are likely to get panicked questions from parents whose children were not admitted to their first choice school.  What do I do???

Luckily, the SSATB has posted an incredibly timely webinar to answer this question at:

It is the first webinar on that page and was produced in conjunction with TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools).  The advice includes all types of schools, however, not just boarding school admissions.

The webinar is a little over an hour long and addresses four main questions.  I have included them below along with the approximate time into the webinar that question is discussed:

1. What if my child was waitlisted? (approx. 6:50)
2. What if our financial needs were not met? (approx.. 15:20)
3. What if we are not happy with our choices? (approx.. 24:00)
4. What if we are just starting the process? (approx. 32:00)

This webinar is a fantastic resource to send to parents.  The presenters have years of experience in independent school admissions and give a very candid assessment of what needs to be done to address each situation.