About Us

Test Prep Works was founded to provide effective materials for test preparation. Its founder, Christa Abbott, has been a test prep coach for over a decade. She specializes in helping students prepare for private school exams and her students now attend some of the most prestigious schools in the country. She spent years looking for effective materials for the private school entrance exams but came up empty-handed. She developed her own materials that are now available to other tutors, tutoring companies, and schools through Test Prep Works.

As an independent tutor, Christa knows what materials tutors need and also what parents are looking for. Each of her books is designed for the specific test that students will be taking as well as the specific level. This attention to detail runs throughout Test Prep Works’ materials. There are not example problems in the lower level books that use words that would only show up on the upper level. There are not open-ended practice problems when the test will be entirely multiple choice. There ARE a lot of questions of each problem type so that students can truly master the material. There are plenty of practice sets that can be assigned as independent homework.

Test Prep Works is designed to be of service to companies both large and small. After paying a low set up fee, companies can order only the books that they need. Also, because printing is done as books are ordered, Test Prep Works can be constantly improving upon its materials. We also provide a newsletter so that you can stay on top of changes to the tests and available materials so that you are up to date and ready to provide your clients with accurate, timely information.

Most importantly, Test Prep Works is a responsive company that listens to what our clients need. Do you find that your students need more average problems than a book provides? Let us know and we can help you out. Are you discovering that more vocabulary practice would be helpful? This is exactly the kind of information that Test Prep Works wants to hear so that we can better serve our clients.

We look forward to working with you.