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Test Prep Works Goes Modular

We have received great feedback on our “white label” approach, in which we offer our books to schools and tutors with customized covers. This fall, we also piloted a modular approach to our materials with a couple of schools that run SSAT programs. We took a look at the needs of their students and the time they had to devote to test prep and laid out the materials they needed from our various SSAT resources. In the end, what made sense for these schools was to have the coursebook for instruction time, ten workouts from our 30 Days book for homework, and then a practice test for them to take before the actual test. We put those materials together for these schools and they paid for just what they needed and could use. We are working with another school program that needs two practice tests – one for before and one for after. With the modular approach we are able to provide a custom book that meets the needs of this school.

We are currently working on expanding our product line so that we have full offerings for each level of the ISEE and SSAT, as we currently do for the Upper Level SSAT. We will have the Success coursebooks for instruction, the 30 Days books that offer workouts (homework assignments), and a book of practice tests. (Look for the complete product line for the Lower Level ISEE to be available in the next few weeks.) We will offer the modular approach to customized materials across all of these tests, and it will be available to our customers both large and small. As always, you will just buy the books that you need as you need them.

Stay tuned for further details as we formalize the modular approach. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help your program with materials.