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New SSAT guides, Elementary Level SSAT, computer-based testing, and more

What’s new with the SSAT?

The folks at the SSAT Board have been busy.  Admission letters have been sent and the dust has settled from this year’s admissions season.  They are looking toward the fall now when the cycle begins anew.

So what changes can we expect this fall?  The SSATB is planning to release new Preparing and Applying guides.  There will be separate versions for the Middle and Upper Levels.  No word yet on whether these books will provide new practice tests or recycle practice questions from the old book.  There will also be a fully online practice test that students will let students see their score.

Another development from the SSATB is that the Elementary Level test will move from pilot status to being a regularly administered test.  Not to worry, Test Prep Works is developing materials for the Elementary Level.

What’s coming next?

The SSATB’s next big project is to develop a computer-based test.  This could be a great opportunity for students, as it could lead to greater access to the test and more options for smaller group testing.  Today a student has to either go to a group administration or live close enough to a consultant to have the option to take the test in a small group setting.

Once the SSAT can be administered via a computer then one difference between the SSAT and the ISEE will be eliminated.  The ISEE can be administered at Prometric centers around the world, which is a clear advantage for students needing greater access.  Migrating toward computer administration does signal that the SSATB is looking for more opportunities for students to test.

One difference between the SSAT and the ISEE that will not be eliminated is the scoring.  Last fall, the SSATB was looking at whether or not to eliminate the quarter point deduction for questions missed.   They are still talking to members about this option, but the quarter point deduction will definitely NOT be eliminated for the 2013-2014 testing season.

Middle Level SSAT book now available

Test Prep Works, LLC, now has a course book available for the Middle Level SSAT. Success on the Middle Level SSAT: A Complete Course is geared specifically for Middle Level test takers.  It can be ordered from Amazon and soon will be available directly from our Web site.  Like all of our books, Success on the Middle Level SSAT: A Complete Course can be customized for your institution or practice.  Contact us for details.

About Test Prep Works

Last year, we launched Test Prep Works to provide developmentally appropriate materials for students preparing for admissions tests.  After our first testing season for the SSAT, we have received a lot of positive feedback for our products.  We will continue to work tirelessly developing new materials for our clients and their students.


Q:  You have two books for the Upper Level SSAT.  How do I choose between them?

A:  These books were designed with different settings in mind, and can be used together effectively with the same students.  Success on the Upper Level SSAT was designed primarily as a resource for an instructor to use during time with a student.  This book has in-depth explanations and drills particularly well-suited for instructional time.  30 Days to Acing the Upper Level SSAT was developed primarily as a source for regular homework assignments.  One of the challenges of tutoring for the Upper Level SSAT is finding enough practice for students to work through independently.  The 30 Days book has 15 “workouts” which review strategies and provide short practice sets from each section.

Q:  We love your SSAT materials- where are the ISEE books?

A:  On the way.  We plan to have course books out in time for the fall testing season for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels of the ISEE.

Q: The “workout” setup in 30 Days to Acing the Upper Level SSAT is a great resource for homework assignments.  Do you have anything similar for other tests/levels?

A:  Also on the way.  We are working on similar resources for other tests/levels.

Q:  What is customization? How can my institution or practice use it?

A:  Customizing our books allows you to use Test Prep Works content with a cover that reflects your brand.  You can provide a cover and we will upload it with the interior of our books (we delete the Test Prep Works references).  Next, we will provide you with a link to order your books.  They will be shipped directly from Amazon.  Don’t have a cover?  For a small fee, we can design a cover for you.

Q:  What other materials are you working on?

A:  We are working on creating downloadable syllabi and course scopes.  This will allow schools and tutors to download a curriculum guide and customize it for their program.