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Introducing our new ISEE book: Success on the Lower Level ISEE – A Complete Course

Test Prep Works is pleased to announce that our comprehensive instructional guide for the Lower Level ISEE is now available.  As we have with all of our test prep materials, we designed this book to be used by tutors and other educators.

How is Success on the Lower Level ISEE different from other test prep books for the ISEE?

– All material in the book applies specifically to the Lower Level ISEE – no need to help your students navigate through content that is irrelevant to them
– All strategy instruction for the verbal section was developed to be appropriate for the Lower Level, including sample questions
– Vocabulary lessons teach students how to use roots and grouping to aid recall and include practice questions with synonyms and sentence completions
– Reading strategy instruction provides 15 drills that test each new skill as a student progresses
– The math content review is the most comprehensive available for the Lower Level ISEE
– A complete practice test enables you to gauge progress

Success on the Lower Level ISEE – A Complete Course can be customized with a cover specific to your school or company.  Email us at for more information.