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Math Supplement to Success on the Upper Level SSAT: A Complete Course now available

Last month we discussed the changes found in the new publication from the SSATB, The Official Guide to the Upper Level SSAT, available at This month, we’re pleased to share the supplemental math material we’ve developed with our students and families. When used as a supplement to our publication, Success on the Upper Level SSAT: A Complete Course, students will have the chance to review and practice the breadth of topics addressed in the new official guide. Success on the Upper Level SSAT: A Complete Course is available at our CreateSpace store and at

The supplement is freely available to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter (signup link at the bottom of this page).

For more details about this supplemental prep material for the Upper Level SSAT, please refer to the in-depth article on our Educators blog.

2/22/2014 – We have published the second edition of Success on the Upper Level SSAT, and this new version now includes all of the material from the supplement. We will no longer automatically send the supplement to newsletter subscribers. However, we will continue to share it with anyone who contacts us to request a copy.