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Announcing the new Success on the Upper Level SSAT coursebook

Here at Test Prep Works, we have received a lot of very positive feedback from tutors and schools using our books.  Educators are excited to have a resource that provides ample drills for each skill and homework assignments that fit within their curriculum framework.  We have also gotten e-mails of the “this would be the perfect book if only…” variety, and we have been listening.

We have redesigned the Success on the Upper Level SSAT coursebook and added other materials to reflect some of that feedback.  We have added more drills for the analogies section, including both drills that ask students to identify the common relationships (or determine if there is no relationship at all) and drills in which one question word is missing so that students can practice what to do if they don’t know a question word.  We have added more practice reading passages and questions.  We have also rolled in the math content that was added to the SSAT last fall (this content was previously available as a supplement in PDF format).

The request that we heard most often was for practice tests – and we have responded!  We have added a practice test to the coursebook.  We have also published a separate practice test book with two additional practice tests, for a total of three full-length practice tests now available just for the Upper Level SSAT.  What if you need two or three practice tests in your coursebook?  We can do that. Our next post will describe the modular approach we’re taking with book customization.